What is Adventure Riding

Is adventure riding about going to far away places?
Having to repair bike yourself in the middle of nowhere?
Interacting with locals using hand language?
Eating foods of unknown origin?
Being alone in a deserted place? ...

In my book, it's all of the above and more.

Adventures come in many forms. But an adventure is generally about getting out of one's comfort zone, pushing personal limits and being in an unfamiliar, potentially dangerous environment, doing things that most people would not do. Usually, all this effort and exposure are rewarded with incredible views, experiences and memories.

Once we get off a frequently traveled road and start exploring remote, barely used trails and tracks, that's where the adventure ride starts. The heart starts pumping, adrenaline surges and all the worst case scenarios start going through our minds. What if I get a flat? What if I crack the engine case? How will I get bike out of a ditch? When will next person come along this road if I crash and can't continue on my own? The mind will come up with a myriad of reasons to turn back and stick with safe roads. But we know, we must go on. We get flooded with feelings of exhilaration after passing each obstacle. As we get deeper into the adventure, more concerns arise. What if the road is blocked? Can I go back the way I came in? Will I have enough fuel to backtrack?

But then we come across a canyon, roaring river, lake or a sweeping vista with not a soul for miles and miles around. That is when the oxytocin fills our bodies and we get reminded why we love adventure riding. In the evening, we revel in day's accomplishments as we sit at the edge of a cliff and watch the sun go down. At night, tucked in our sleeping bags, we watch billions of stars in the sky as we slowly drift into the sleep.

Below are some of the trips I've done with in photos and few words.


Central Asia




Lake Powell


Indian Himalayas


Sout-East Asia


The Latin Fever