Roaming around Africa

Person posing in front of a giant sand dune

Sossusvlei - my favorite place.

Africa is the ultimate adventure travel destination. It's got everything an adventurer could ask for - dilapidated infrastructure, poor transportation, crafty scams and violent crime. Most of the travelers I've met were robbed at some point during their African adventure. Even some locals who were born and raised there had stories to tell. Nairobi being my initial landing point (many call it Nairobery for a reason), I was extra cautious. That initial apprehension remained with me for the duration of the trip. I might have missed on some excitement, but at least I survived Afraica without being robbed. If one remains vigilant about his surrounding, Africa can be a great travel destination. I still dream of going back there, hopefully on a motorcycle.

Thatched roof bungalow in forest

This bungalow was the most memorable place I stayed. It was situated at the edge of a jungle and I could enjoy loud noise throughout the night.

standing atop a cliff overlooking Cape Town and ocean beyond

Breathtaking view from atop the Table mountain high above Cape Town.

sitting on a dry lake bed with sand dunes behind

Cracked bottom of the dry lake surrounded by sand dunes.

giant sand dune illuminated by setting sun, one side being dark

This sand dune may not look so big, until you notice tiny peson climbing it.

sand shaped sand waves on a side of a sand dune

Setting sun casts long shaddows on wind-shaped sand.

standing on the edge of an overhanging rock

A famous spot in the mountains of S. Africa.

sitting next to a cross

A cross erected by Portuguese explorers.

sitting next to a sign marking border of Indian and Atlantic oceans

Southern-most point of the African continent - where the oceans meet.

free-falling while tied by a rope

Gorge swing near Victoria falls. It was fun, buffet-style adventure. Pay once and jump as many times as you want. If you set a new record for the number of jumps, you get a t-shirt. I got one :)

free-falling while tied by a rope

About to be let free fall into the gorge. You can choose different positions - facing forward, backward, be pushed, be let go. The last oen was my favorite because I had no control over the moment I would start falling.

standing at the edge of a waterfall

Victorial Falls, in dry season. Even with low flow of water, they are quite impressive. Rafting trip starts just below the falls.

peaking from a raft engulfed by raging waves

Rafting Zambezi and Nile rivers were two must do items on the bucket list.

red car parked in a tree-less desert

They say in Kalahari desert, it rains once in maybe 10 years. One of the driest places on earth. Nowhere else have I seen such a void. The only vegetation are some living forms between mushrooms and plans (no roots), being blown around by the wind. The only moisture they get is from the air.

posing with locals under the equator sign

The first time I stood at the Equator

posing with local kids on a dazzling white sand beach

Local kids appeared out of nowhere when I stopped to take a photo on Pemba island.

Sitting on a scooter in a forest

Scooter is the best way to get around Zanzibar. There aren't many roads, but locals use beaches as roads.

a lion surrounded by tourist vans

When in Africa, one has to go on a safari and harass the wildlife.

posing with a Maasai worrior

Maasai people are mostly herders, but posing with tourists produces bigger income.

a group of Maasai locals under a tree

Trying to find some shade while waiting for the next tourist group to arrive.

rainbow over a lone tree in Maasai park

No rain, but there is a rainbow.

Maasai dancer jumping up

Maasai dancers can jump really high.

old cannon in front of a row of colonial buildings

Colonial buildings on Lamu island. A word of warning: when you get off the boat, aggressive "helpers" will follow you to the hotel of your choice and the owners WILL charge you extra and give money to the unscrupulous helpers. The only other place in the world where I've experience something similar was in Guilin in China.

Restaurant with tables over the green-blue ocean

Tranquil restaurant on the west side of Zanzibar.