Lake Powell

A rare place of untouched nature and solitude

Standing next to a motorcycle with mittens behind

Quintessential American West.

Lake Powell is an artificial lake made by flooding of the Glen Canyon, named so by the great explorer John Wesley Powell himself. I did not see many photos of the canyon before flooding, but it was supposedly incredibly beautiful

The water might have covered amazing canyons, but is also adds another dimension to the area. It's really a boater's paradise with numerous beaches and small canyons reachable by boat only. There area few spots where a rough road reaches the lake shore. Rarely, if ever, I saw another soul on these roads.

Motorcycle and a tent perched on a cliffside with first rays of raising sun peaking over
			remote peaks

Sunrise on a cliff above San Juan river.

Posing with a motorcycle in front of a vertical rock outcrop

Valley of the Gods near Monument Valley.

Motorcycle parked on a mountain with Lake Powell in the distance

On a plateau high above the lake Powell - Smoky mountain road.

Motorcycle parked on a dirt road running at the bottom or cliffs

Dirt road running along the Comb ridge.

motorcycle and tent perched at the edge of a cliff

Camping high above San Juan river.

A motorcycle rider pondering at the edge of a canyong

Riding buddy at Toroweap point - a little known and hard to reach part of the Grand Canyon NP. The Gestapo has arrived at this remote location too. Now one needs an advanced reservation to camp there.

Motorcycle parked on a dirt road running around gray hills

Bizarre scenery near the Lake Powell.

Standing on rocks with sweeping view of the Monument valley behind

The classic view of the Mittens, Monument Valley.

Riding motorcycle with vertical rocks in the distance

Early morning ride outside the Monument Valley.

Sitting on a motorcycle with a narrow vertical rock behind

Valley of the Gods.

Sitting on a motorcycle looking over the Navajo land and Lake Powell

Clearing storm above Lake Powell.

Sitting on a motorcycle looking over the Navajo land and Lake Powell

Sunrise at Toroweap point.

Standing by a tent and saoking up first rays of the raising sun

Not a soul for miles and miles around - between Capitol Reef NP and Lake Powell.

riding motorcycle through a dry wash at the bottom of a canyon with yellow-rock walls

Follow dry creek washes for miles Grand Staircase Escalante.

Riding motorcycle with doll-looking rocks behind

Dollhouse area of the Canyonlands NP is rather hard to reach.

Standing in front of a totem-pole looking rock

A spire on the way to the Dollhouse.

Leaning against a motorcycle with towering cliffs and fluffy clouds in the background

Blue sky, fluffy clouds, red towers and nobody around - this is what the Lake Powell is all about.

motorcycle parked at the edge of a mesa high above the lake

Lake afternoon on a mesa by Lake Powell.

motorcycle parked on a dirt road with lake in the distance

Riding through Grand Staircase Escalante towards Lake Powell.

Overloaded motorcycle parked on a dirt road with large rock hills in front

One of the approach roads to the Lake Powell.

Motorcycle parked on a dirt road running along the reef

Capitol Reef NP.

two motorcycle parked at the edge of a cliff

Muley point.

motorcycle high above a canyong

Capitol Reef NP.