Off-roader's wet dream

Posing with the bike in front of cliffs

White Rim Trail with the Island in the Sky behind.

Moab is a Mecca for off-road activities - jeeping, mountain biking and dirt motorcycle riding. People come here from all over the world to test their off-road skills. I spend at least a week every year riding trails around Moab - White Rim Trail, La Sal Loop, Top of the World, Lockhart Basin, Kane Creek, many slickrock trails, to name a few.

The White Rim trail goes around the Island in the Sky section of the Canyonlands National Park for more than 100 miles. Most vehicles take several days to complete the loop. Motorcycles can do it in a day easily. Day users used not to need a permit. But the ever-more imposing bureaucracy introduced permits even for day users. Luckily, there are tons of other beautiful trails waiting to be ridden freely.

rider standing in front of a motorcycle with red vertical cliffs behind

Vertical walls line canyons.

Motorcycle parked on slickrock

Slick rock is all around Moab.

Motorcycle next to a cliff edge high above Colorado river

Dramatic view of the Colorado river at the end of the Chicken Corners Trail.

Posing with fellow riders below cliffs

With friends on the White Rim Trail.

Motorcycle in front of towering cliffs

White Rim Trail below the Island in the Sky.

Riding near the edge of the cliff

The edge of the White Rim Trail is white, hence the name.

Mushroom shaped rock formations

Bizarre rock formations along the White Rim Trail.

‚Äč Posing with motorcycle in a narrow canyon

The easy but very scenic Onion Creek Canyon.

Posing with fellow rider and motorcycles on a slickrock trail

Slick rock.

Roost from riding bike through sand

There are even sand dunes outside Moab.

Posing with bike in front of vertical rocks

Gemini bridges area.

Motorcycle rider on a slickrock

Gemini bridges area.

Sitting on an overhanging rock with motorcycle parked

La-Sal loop with the Top of the World in the distance behind.

Sitting at the edge of a high cliff with motorcycle parked behind

Top of the World.

motorcycle parked near the edge of a cliff with colorado river flowing below

Heaven for solitude seekers.

Riding down boulder strawn trail

Jeep trails are what Moab is famous for among off-roaders.

Motorcycle parked next to sandstone cliffs

On the way to Hurrah pass.

View of mountains and canyons

La Sal mountains across Colorado river.

motorcycle parked next to a river

A canyong carved by the Colorado river outside Moab.

motorcycle parked next to standtone rock formations

Rocks straigh out of the Roadrunner cartoon.

motorcycle next to an edge of a canyon

Behind the Rocks area is bordered by the Kane creek on one side.